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  • 48 GALLONS - 35.4" x 17.7" x 31.9"


  • DESIGNED BY PROFESSIONALS FOR PROFESSIONALS – OASE ScaperLine Aquarium Set perfectly combines design and functionality with a simple, clean exterior and clever internal features. Each set comes with an aquarium and cabinet base.
  • FOR A PURE AND NATURAL LOOK – The ScaperLine aquarium is made from 6 mm (0.24 in) thick Optiwhite glass provides a clear view of the underwater world.

  • CLEAN VIEW AND SECURE HOLD – Mitered corner seams and chamfered edges with durable clear silicon provide an exciting, stand-out design.

  • IDEAL DEPTH AND PERSPECTIVE – The large area of the 48 gallon, 35 x 17.7 x 17.7 in aquarium offer plenty of space for a creative aquascape.

  • HIGH QUALITY BASE – The ScaperLine cabinet is made of high-quality materials and provides a secure and elegant foundation for your aquarium. The ScaperLine 90 cabinet is 35.4 x 17.7 x 31.9 inches.

  • PRACTICAL DETAILS – Push-to-open cabinet locks for a seamless aesthetic and user convenience – a quick press is all it takes to open the door. The doors also have a safety feature that prevents them from being slammed closed.

  • CLEVER FEATURES – Neodymium magnets are integrated inside the cabinet door to ensure safe storage and easy access to aquascaping tools. A towel holder and pull-out shelf are also integrated into the cabinet.

  • NO TANGLED CABLES OR HOSES – The inconspicuous and lockable feedthrough, on the side wall of the cabinet, provides cable and tubing management.

  • EASY INSTALLATION – The cabinet is equipped with leveling feet that can be easily adjusted before and after your aquarium is set-up on the cabinet.

  • A PERFECT FIT (MATCHING ENSEMBLE) – The ScaperLine aquarium stands perfectly on the edge and fits seamlessly with the cabinet. This sleek aquarium and modern grey colored cabinet fit into practically any living or office space.

Oase ScaperLine 90 Set