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The Python Aquarium Hook makes water changes easier than ever! This hands-free tube hooks right onto the edge of your aquarium and returns water directly to the tank, with no spills and no hassle.

  • Makes routine water changes easier and faster
  • Allows hands-free and spill-free water changes
  • High quality, ultra durable construction

The Hook features a user-friendly design and requires virtually no effort to install and operate. It is designed for use with the Python No Spill Clean and Fill Gravel Cleaning System, and seamlessly integrates onto the switch for total convenience. When refilling your tank after a water change, just remove the gravel tube from the No Spill Clean and Fill and replace it with the Hook. Internal threading and an O-ring ensure a secure, leak-proof connection. Hook it over the aquarium wall (framed or frameless) and refill your tank the easy way.

The Python Hook features ultra durable, high density polyethylene construction, and contains only the highest quality, American-made materials, with no BPA, arsenic or lead.

Made in the USA.

Python No Spill Clean & Fill Hook


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