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New Life Spectrum Naturox Discus sinking pellet food is packed with high-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients that provide the right balance of protein, fat, and fiber along with essential vitamins and minerals. Whole Antarctic krill and squid supply the proteins and amino acids needed for growth and energy. Ulva seaweed, Chlorella, Spirulina, and kelp contain color-enhancing carotenoids and anti-oxidants. Garlic is added as a feeding stimulant and its anti-parasite effects. Naturox Discus pellets use a natural anti-oxidant to maintain freshness without the need for controversial ethoxyquin preservatives. The pellets contain no artificial preservatives, colors, or hormonal color stimulants.

  • Color enhancing regular pellets for Discus fish.
  • Garlic is added as a feeding stimulant.
  • Ginger boosts the immune system for improved disease resistance.

New Life Spectrum Natural Color Enhancing Discus Regular Pellets


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