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The Lifegard Aquatics adjustable heater is constructed of a shatterproof quartz glass that can be fully submerged in your aquarium or sump. This heater is safe to use for freshwater aquariums, planted tanks, saltwater aquariums, and reef tanks. It is energy efficient and runs on 120V/60Hz with a 6 foot power cord. It includes suction cup mounting brackets to attach to your aquarium or sump.


Lifegard Aquatics adjustable heaters are easy to set up and feature LED indicator lights that tell you visually what the heater is doing:


🔴 Red = Heating. 
🟢 Green = Operating at a Set Temperature. 
🟣 Purple = Heater was Operated Outside of Water and Thermal Protection was Activated (Permanent Shutoff)


Product Highlights


• Submersible quartz heater safe for freshwater aquariums and saltwater tanks.
• Easy to set thermostat features LED power indicator light showing operation.
• Energy-efficient 120V 60Hz operation.
• Quartz Glass Tube, 6’ Cord, and Suction Cup Mounting Brackets
• UL Listed with Thermal Protection and Electronic Temperature Control for Safety

Lifegard Adjustable Quartz Glass Heater (25 - 300 Watt Options)


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