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The Fluval Foam & BioMax renewal kit is specifically designed for the Fluval EDGE power filter. The foam pad collects particles and debris, while the BioMax encourages optimal colonization of beneficial bacteria to enhance the reduction of fish waste, resulting in a healthier aquarium environment.

  • Foam Pad Traps Particles & Debris for a Healthy & Clean Environment
  • BioMax Provides Optimal Colonization of Beneficial Bacteria
  • Enhances the Reduction of Fish Waste
  • Helps Provide a Healthy Aquarium Environment
  • For Fluval Edge Power Filter

INSTRUCTIONS:Rinse foam pad thoroughly before use, and insert it into the bottom section of the insert basket. The foam pad should be rinsed monthly using water from the aquarium and replaced every 2-3 months. Remove protective plastic bag and rinse BioMax thoroughly before use. Place BioMax in the top section of the insert basket. BioMax pores become clogged over time and should be replaced every 2-3 months. To ensure constant presence of beneficial bacteria, never replace both foam and BioMax at the same time.

Fluval Edge Foam & Biomax Renewal Kit


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