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The Cascade 1200 and 1500 Motor Unit Gasket replaces old, worn out or cracked motor gaskets in the Cascade 1200 (CCF4UL) and 1500 (CCF5UL) aquarium canister filters.

  • Cascade canister filter motor unit gasket replacement
  • Fits Cascade 1200 (CCF4UL) and 1500 (CCF5UL) canister filters
  • Prevents costly damage to filter motor

As gaskets get older, pressure and wear-and-tear cause them to lose their snugness. Replace misshapen gaskets to maintain a water-tight fit.

This gasket only works for the Cascade 1200 and 1500 model filters. Other models will require different gaskets.

Cascade 1200 & 1500 Motor Gasket Unit


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