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Provide instant illumination for your live aquarium plants with the Aqueon Planted Aquarium Clip-On LED Light. This all-in-one hovering LED fixture mounts on framed or frameless tanks up to 20 gallons, providing optimal lighting for lush growth and color.

  • Quick 3-way soft-touch control (All On/Blue On/All Off)
  • Versatile mounting compatible with framed or frameless aquariums
  • 60 bright white & blue LEDs for shimmering illumination
  • Ideal for planted aquariums up to 20 gallons

3-way soft touch control allows you to select the ideal lighting mode for your tank: All On, Blue On, or All Off. 60 bright, energy efficient LEDs penetrate the water to ensure your plants receive adequate lighting from top to bottom.

Tip: With no bulky fixture required, this is a great cost-saving option for desktop aquariums and fish tanks!

Aqueon Planted Aquarium Clip-On LED Light


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